My name is Georgina Probert (nicknames include George, Georgie, G, Doris, Dozza and Dynorod) and I am a mother and wife (such a cliche to use these labels first, I know, but this is a parenting blog). I have a beautiful baby girl who is currently eight months old and will be known henceforth as “the J”. Helpful husband will be referred to sporadically as “Grump”. When the J is asleep I like reading, catching up on Amazon Prime/Sky TV and drinking tea or wine (depending on the day I’ve had). The rest of the time she’s awake…

I am currently on maternity leave, but before I had a baby I was working as a sub editor on Homes & Gardens magazine. I have been a journalist for about 10 years and have worked on a massive range of titles, from magazines for dental hygienists to electricians and even Cage & Aviary Birds. For the past two years I’ve been working on interiors magazines and as for what’s next – who knows?

For more information about my work, visit my online profile.